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Here's a little post I wrote on quiet habits:

My recent decision to start writing and publishing a blog every day was fueled primarily by one thing: a desire to do more things that scare me.

Sometimes I think I've grown too soft. Too accustomed to daily conveniences and routines. To the comforts I've surrounded myself with. I don't feel challenged often enough in my personal growth and development.

This very idea is partially what fueled the creation of this entire blog: That I wanted to experiment and challenge myself to seek self-improvement. I feel I have strayed from my original intentions and I'm not doing enough things that scare me.

So here I am, sitting here, typing this 4th blog post in my daily blogging challenge, scared that I'll run out of things to write about by day 7 and even more scared that everyone reading this will think poorly of me or laugh at my silly anxieties. But I'm still sitting here, still writing, still scared.

And that fear helps me feel a little more human, a little more alive, and a little more dedicated to my craft. Because this is a difficult, challenging adventure with an unknown outcome. And that's what makes it worth doing.[^2]

[1]: This is a footnote, pretty cool, right? [2]: Another footnote, just for funsies.

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[1]: This is the footnote reference.

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